August 15, 2001 - I have added a clue to the Impossible Question AND have updated the Guess Who? game and Movie Trivia w/ new questions.  ALSO, on the my sister site...Moulin Rogue - Maison du moulin a vent rouge...i have added two new pages w/ interesting facts about the real Moulin Rouge, and it's most famous guest Henri de Telouse-Lautrec.  ALSO...i have set up a chatroom on the site.

August 9, 2001 - The Day has finally come!!!  My newest web page making adventure is done.  Or for now.  I have created a  new page devoted to the movie/musical Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge - Maison du moulin vent rouge

That mean "Home of the Red Windmill" in French.  Moulin Rouge means Red Windmill and the windmill is the trademark of the famous night club.  My page has also been selected to be part of the 2 Moulin Rouge Webrings!!!  Which I think is pretty cool.  Anyway, please check it out and maybe you'll feel compelled to go see it.  There are lyrics to the awesome soundtrack, tons of pics, synopsis, cast and crew, and more on the way.