The REAL Moulin Rouge

Here are some facts about The Moulin Rouge

>  It opened on October 5, 1889 in Montmarte.

> The Large red windmill (which still rotates today) with all its illuminated splendor instantly became the night clubs trademark.

> It was a combined dance hall cabaret.  Inside there was a large dance floor surrounded by mirrored walls and a large illuminated gallery.

> Outside was the large garden as seen in the film with a humongous wooden elephant and an outdoor stage.

> The elephant had stairs inside of it that led to an enclosed room at the top that housed tame monkeys.  The richest were "entertained" in this room.

> There were also donkeys that the women would ride through the garden.....brace yourself.....WITHOUGHT STOCKINGS!!!

> On Saturdays and Wednesdays there were masked balls.

> The music played had a brassy sound....but took on many variations to accompany the new and scandalous dance....the Can - Can.

> The Can - Can was originally called the Chahut and the can - can dancers were called Chahuteuses.

> There was a "moral police" on hand to make sure the can - can dancers were wearing underware.

> The most famous Can - Can dancers at the Moulin Rouge were Jane Avril and La Goulue.

A Post card of the Moulin Rouge.