Ok...Here's the dilly-o.  Like I said earlier I don't want to have a high maintenance site...just sumthing to keep me busy w/o swamping myself.'s the difference.  These games that I made are going to be more just for your enjoyment than your score being posted on the leader board or sumthing like that.  I still will have a leader board but it won't get updated as often.  (once a week) And I'm not going to put clues up...(that's more work I'm cutting....aren't I lazy!!??)  EXCEPT I will have ONE clue on the impossible question.  I'm not promising how updated these trivia games will be but I'll try to keep them pretty current.  AND THE GAMES ARE..........


The Leader Board

Name Score (pts.)
Mom 10
A. Jane 10
Martina (Peggy Sue) 10
Jaime 20
Kelly 10

Oh the way...the scoring system is.  10 pts. for lyric triv.  10 pts. for movie trivi, 10 pts. for guess who?, and 20 pts. for IQ w/o clue and 10 pts. w/ clue.